Pelosi jeered at by liberal crowd in her home state

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi was in her home state of California for the Democratic state convention.

Pelosi surely did not expect the greeting she received. She was attacked by a chorus of boos and calls for the impeachment of Trump while she spoke.

Party Unrest

Pelosi can try to paint any picture she wants, but it is becoming painfully clear that she and her constituents are not all on the same page.

The groundswell within the House is now at more than 50 Democrats that want to impeach the President.

And, based on the sound of the crowd at the convention, most of the voters in the party, at least in California, also want Trump impeached.

Rock and a Hard Place

Pelosi is obviously in a very tough position. From what we can see, Pelosi wants to use all the rhetoric associated with impeachment without actually impeaching Trump.

This is creating a massive problem for her because her constituents are tired of hearing the rhetoric and they want action.

Pelosi’s fellow House members are also turning on her.

This is not just the rank and file, either, as other House chairs are now publicly claiming they have enough evidence to move forward with impeachment efforts.

Pelosi, however, seems to understand that there really isn’t enough evidence or support to impeach Trump.

Even if it gets passed in the House, they will need a supermajority in the Senate to be successful, and they know with Republicans in charge, they just don’t have the numbers.

For now, Pelosi will continue to spew the rhetoric without actually taking action, something that will surely only create even more dissent and unrest among her constituents.

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