Pelosi tells Kimmel she is ‘done’ talking about impeaching Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared with Jimmy Kimmel this week and her frustrations were very apparent.

When pressed by Kimmel to impeach Trump, Pelosi stated, “I’m done with him, in terms of talking about him.”

Parting Shots

However, Pelosi decided to take a few shots against Trump and the Republican party before her explosive declaration. Pelosi stated that even if they did move forward with impeachment, it would never get through the Republican Senate.

She further accused Republicans in the Senate of being “completely in the pocket of Donald Trump.”

This, of course, is ludicrous. While there are party members that have already spoken against Trump, the majority simply believe he is being railroaded by a party that cannot get over losing the 2016 election.

Democrats have proven they will use any means necessary in their attempt to remove him from office. Pelosi also seems to forget how her Democrat party took up Clinton’s cause when he was being impeached.

The difference in the two cases is that there were busloads of evidence against Clinton, but to this point, there is nothing but hearsay and circumstantial evidence against Trump.

In fact, some of the evidence in the Mueller report may now be tainted, something Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) revealed this weekend.

We’re Done Too

If there is one thing we can all agree with Pelosi on, it is that we are tired of talking about impeachment.

The overwhelming majority of citizens in this country are ready to move on. The only people still crying about impeachment are on the far left.

As far as everyone else is concerned, the Mueller report was the last chance Democrats were going to get to impeach Trump.

Now that the report has come up empty, it is definitely time to move on.

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