Pelosi admits Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill involves ‘human infrastructure’

President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal has almost nothing to do with infrastructure as its always been defined.

According to Breitbart, in a Sunday interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told host Margaret Brennan that the massive bill isn’t simply for roads and bridges, but is meant for “human infrastructure” as well. 

Pelosi conceded that in order to reach bipartisan agreement on such a bill, much of the non-traditional infrastructure proposals would likely come in the form of future spending bills after the infrastructure bill is passed.

What did Pelosi say?

The California Democrat attempted to circle around the well-known fact that Republicans are fully opposed to the proposal given that it grossly expands the meaning of what infrastructure truly is, but Brennan pressed Pelosi on that issue.

“You can only really afford to lose about two Democrats. What are you going to do? What concrete proposals can you offer to get Republicans on board with this jobs and infrastructure package?” Brennan asked, after Pelosi attempted to describe the bill as one that primarily focused on traditional infrastructure.

That’s when Pelosi revealed that the bill reaches far beyond fixing roads and bridges.

“Overwhelmingly, this bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. We also think that infrastructure — there’s a need for workforce development in order to have the workforce fully participate in how we go forward and childcare so that women can be involved in that as well. So it’s physical infrastructure. It’s also human infrastructure that is involved,” Pelosi said.

Overall, Pelosi’s interview with Brennan was a spin session to avoid admitting too much about what’s really in the bill while also avoiding stepping on any political landmines with the progressive elements of the party, who will undoubtedly fight back if certain aspects of the bill are stripped away.

“A dog’s breakfast of slush funds”

On Monday, Republicans circulated a memo on Capitol Hill slamming the infrastructure proposal, specifically for the massive amount of funds spent on Democratic policy goals completely unrelated to infrastructure, according to The Hill.

“Biden’s Partisan, Job-Crushing Slush Fund spends just 5% of the total $2.7 trillion on roads and bridges,” the memo read. “The rest is: a wish list of non-infrastructure spending on failed Obama policies; a dog’s breakfast of slush funds for Democrats’ pet projects without any accountability or transparency.”

The GOP lawmakers who wrote the memo went on to contradict Democrats and Biden administration officials who claim the proposal will create jobs, arguing the bill will actually eliminate some one million jobs.

Due to the extreme level of partisan divide in both chambers of Congress, Biden’s infrastructure plan might be dominating the headlines, but it’s likely a long way off from ending up on his desk for a signature.

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