Nancy Pelosi agrees to launch formal impeachment inquiry against Trump

There has been a growing number of House Democrats who have long demanded that President Donald Trump be impeached, an extremely serious step that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has thus far been resistant to take out of fear that it would prove politically divisive to the country and would ultimately backfire on Democrats after an inevitable acquittal by a Republican-controlled Senate.

Pelosi has finally caved to the impeachment pressure from her left flank, however, as it now appears that Pelosi is on board with their demands and has given the go-ahead for House Democrats to begin an official impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi finally ready

The Washington Post reported that Pelosi has been busy behind the scenes for the past few days speaking with fellow leaders and allies in the House Democratic caucus to ensure that everyone was on the same page with regard to finally pressing forward on the impeachment effort the party’s left wing has long demanded.

The impetus for the apparent about-face by Pelosi on impeachment is said to be the anonymously-sourced and still unproven allegation that President Trump illegally exerted pressure — ostensibly by threatening to withhold military aid — on Ukraine’s president in order to force an investigation into a corrupt energy company that employed Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Mind you, that allegation is said to be derived from a supposed whistleblower’s complaint about the call, though none of the Democrats hollering for impeachment have seen the actual complaint, know the actual content of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, or know who the whistleblower is or what that person’s motivations might be.

Facts remain elusive

Nevertheless, the Post reported that according to unnamed senior aides to top Democratic House members, the thinking on impeachment has shifted from it being an incredibly risky and unlikely prospect to now being all but inevitable.

Of course, even with Pelosi’s announcement of the opening of an official impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, there is still be an arduous process ahead for House Democrats before articles of impeachment would even be drafted, submitted for a vote, and handed off to the Senate for a trial — a process from which Trump would likely emerge victorious.

The Post noted that Thursday has now taken on additional significance as it was the deadline set by Pelosi for Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire to turn over to Congress the complaint originally filed by the whistleblower, a complaint that had purportedly been deemed an “urgent” matter.

The Trump administration had initially been resistant to demands to turn over that complaint, and Pelosi countered by saying that she would no longer accept any further “stonewalling” or interference with her congressional oversight duties.

In response to groundswell of new impeachment talk from the left, President Trump on Tuesday authorized release of the “complete, fully declassified and unredacted” transcript of the phone call at the heart of the controversy. He said in a tweet that those who read it will find that the call with Ukraine’s president was “very friendly and totally appropriate,” and that there was “NO quid pro quo” involved.

A lot of meaningless noise

The just-announced impeachment inquiry is a process that would normally be headed up by the House Judiciary Committee chaired by New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, though there is talk of forming of a special select committee that would include other House panels, particularly the Intelligence Committee headed up by California Rep. Adam Schiff.

In all likelihood, Democrats will push forward with an ill-advised impeachment process that in the end will be little more than a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing, and Trump’s chances of re-election in 2020 will receive a dramatic boost.

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