Nancy Pelosi advises illegal immigrants on how to avoid deportation

Nancy Pelosi gave illegal immigrants advice on how to evade Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

Pelosi’s warning comes ahead of weekend ICE raids that will target some 2,000 illegal immigrants with deportation orders.

“An ICE deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. If that is the only document ICE brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home,” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference Thursday.

Pelosi is basically advising illegal immigrants to obstruct the rule of law. How can Democrats deny being for open borders at this point?

Pelosi helps illegal immigrants defy ICE

Although Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Ny.) have been feuding recently, the two seem to agree that encouraging illegal immigrants to defy the law is a top priority. Weeks after Ocasio-Cortez shared advice with illegal immigrants on how to avoid ICE, the so-called “moderate” Pelosi is doing the same thing.

With ICE raids looming, Pelosi advised immigrants with deportation orders to defy immigration agents. “If ICE agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in,” Pelosi said.

At a closed-door conference on Thursday, Pelosi urged fellow Democrats to join her in helping illegal immigrants evade ICE. Pelosi called on fellow Democrats to share “know your rights” information, Politico reported.

Pelosi embraces open borders

Pelosi offered up some token interest in solving the border crisis, saying she would be open to allowing asylum seekers to request U.S. asylum in their home countries. But Democrats have done nothing to actually reform asylum law and cut down on frivolous claims, even when President Trump opted to delay planned deportations for two weeks to encourage legislative action, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R) said Thursday.

“Tell me one thing that this majority has done in the amount of time that the speaker called the president and asked him to delay it? Has there been a hearing? Has there been a bill produced? Have we asked to stay over a weekend and solve this problem?” McCarthy said. “I think if the president actually saw the House actually taking action, he probably would delay even further to make sure the problem gets solved.”

It’s not clear what Trump hoped to achieve with a two-week delay on deportations, but it’s becoming clear that Pelosi and her open borders Democrats will not compromise on immigration. They want immigration “reform,” which to them seems to mean open borders in incremental steps.

Illegal immigration reached a 13-year peak in May with 144,000 caught at the border. Now Pelosi, the Democrat who months ago said the border crisis was “manufactured,” thinks the solution is to let illegal immigrants know that they’re home free once they cross the border.

If Pelosi wanted to solve this crisis, president Trump has solutions. But she doesn’t want it solved, she wants it perpetuated.

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