Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer split on endorsement of Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidates

One of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) top allies in the Democratic Caucus leadership team is her second-in-command, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and the pair are typically aligned with each other on most issues.

However, a rift has formed between the two on the topic of who should be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Maryland to replace term-limited Gov. Larry Hogan (R), as both have now endorsed separate candidates, the Daily Caller reported.

Hoyer recently announced his backing of Wes Moore, an Afghanistan War veteran and best-selling author who recently stepped down as CEO of an anti-poverty non-profit organization known as the Robin Hood Foundation.

Pelosi, though, had already issued her endorsement of former Obama-era Labor secretary and Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez to be the next Democratic governor of Maryland.

Hoyer endorsed Moore

Politico reported Thursday that Leader Hoyer had announced his support for Moore’s candidacy and was expected to make his formal endorsement at a campaign event on Friday.

“While there are many great candidates in this year’s race, Wes stands out as a candidate whose experience, vision, and talent can lead Maryland toward a brighter future by inspiring our people — particularly our young people — to work together to face our toughest challenges,” Hoyer said in a statement.

In response to that endorsement, Moore tweeted a link to the Politico article and wrote, “I am deeply humbled to receive the endorsement of @LeaderHoyer, who sees the momentum of our movement and knows we have the vision and leadership to deliver economic opportunity for families and lead Maryland into the future.”

Pelosi endorsed Perez

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported in December 2021 that Speaker Pelosi, who has familial connections to Baltimore, Maryland, had announced her support and endorsement of former DNC chair Perez for the job of governor in the state.

She described him as being a “compassionate leader” and “good listener” and expressed her belief that Perez was the “most qualified” candidate in the field to take advantage of the opportunity to flip Maryland from red to blue.

“Speaker Pelosi is a transformational leader who has spent her entire career in fierce pursuit of justice for America’s children and families,” Perez said at the time of the announced support. “I could not be more proud to receive her endorsement.”

A rare split between allies

There typically isn’t much daylight between Pelosi and Hoyer on most issues, so the fact that the two Democratic leaders have now split on who should be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Maryland seems to be somewhat significant.

The only question now is, will Pelosi view this divergent move by Hoyer as an act of betrayal and disloyalty or will she accept the fact that, as a long-serving congressman from the state that the Speaker hasn’t lived in for quite some time, he might be more in tune with who left-leaning Marylanders want as their next governor.

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