Pelosi puts onus of House not meeting until May on Republicans

The small business funding in Congress “Phase 3” stimulus package has already run out and businesses are in danger of closing their doors forever — but the House continues to refuse to pass legislation to help.

According to Breitbart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made it clear that she is not going to move on bringing the House back before May 4 unless Republicans create a bill that President Donald Trump “will sign.”

The early plea

On April 7, Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) stated that he wanted to add $250 billion to the existing legislation that helps small businesses weather the coronavirus storm, The Hill reported. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, however, said that they did not see the need to add more funding.

Most believed she did not want to add any more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program because she wants to use the upcoming Phase 4 legislation to push her partisan agenda through.

But on Thursday, it was announced that the small business loan program was out of money, according to The Hill. This is more than a week after McConnell’s initial concern, meaning that this clearly could have been avoided had Dems chosen to skip playing politics.

Up to Republicans

Now that the funding has run dry, Pelosi is blaming Republicans for not being willing to create a bill that Trump would sign.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) stated earlier this week that “absent an emergency,” members of the House would not be scheduled to meet until May 4.

Pelosi tried to downplay his comments regarding “an emergency,” stating, according to Breitbart, “Well, it [the coronavirus pandemic] is an emergency, but what the distinguished leader was referencing — in terms of urgency of passing a bill, we do think there is that urgency.”

She went on: “But we have to get some agreement on the part of the Republicans that it’s something the president will sign. We need that signature after all.”

With that, we once again have elected representatives getting paid their full salary, yet none of them are doing their jobs. At the very least, they should be meeting remotely to hash out some type of deal, but there are no signs of that taking place.

If the House keeps to the May 4 date, that means we are roughly three weeks away from legislation even being discussed. Keep in mind, language on the small business program has already been agreed to, so there should be no problem adding additional funding.

The House could hash out Phase 4 legislation and still add money to the small business program, but Democrat leadership would prefer for the economy and small business owners to crash and burn before doing anything. Shameful.

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