Pelosi hits panic button, rushes impeachment vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is clearly hitting the panic button, and for good reason.

Pelosi knows if she allows House Democrats to go on break without an impeachment vote and gives them time to think about it, the impeachment might not pass, so she is forcing the vote before the holiday break, Breitbart reports.

Pelosi wants immediate results

The entire impeachment process has been dictated more by the calendar than due process. It has become quite clear that regardless of the facts, Pelosi wants the House aspect of it wrapped up before Democrats leave for the holiday break.

When the media recently questioned Pelosi on the swiftness of the proceedings, she actually slipped and stated the impeachment has been underway for two years, so it is hardly being rushed. However, the official impeachment process has only been underway for a few weeks.

So far, the Democrats have held hearings in both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, with the Judiciary now formally drafting the articles.

That process is expected to take about a week, with the articles being debated and voted on at some point next week.

Will it pass?

Right now, most pundits expect this impeachment to go through, but it’s still not a shoo-in. Currently, there are 431 seats in the House, with four current vacancies (435 total). Democrats run the House with 233 Democrats to 197 Republicans, with one independent also in the mix.

There is zero support for impeachment on the Republican side, so every one of the 216 votes Pelosi needs will have to come from the Democrat side.

As of right now, there are two definite “no” votes on the Democrat side, which leaves Pelosi with 232 possible votes, including the independent vote.

Among those 232 members, there is a group of roughly 10 Democrat House members who approached leadership about issuing a censure rather than going for impeachment, according to Politico.

There are still 29 Democrats representing districts that were won by Trump in 2016, most of which will likely be won by him again in 2020. It will be very hard for those individuals to win their own re-election campaigns if they have this impeachment on their record.

So, clearly, Pelosi does not want them thinking about the repercussions of their vote — because the longer she holds off the vote, the less likely this is to go through.

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