Nancy Pelosi’s health problems more evident after Trump walks out of meeting

Everyone wants to know, what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi was clearly shaken after Donald Trump walked out of a scheduled infrastructure meeting. Pelosi could barely put two words together in her press conference later that day.

Stuttering and Stammering

Pelosi used to be an eloquent speaker. She never had the polish of someone like Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, but she could get her point across and win over her audience.

Over the last several years, we have seen her skills as an orator deteriorate so badly, now it is a question of whether or not she is in the middle of a health crisis.

It would be natural to be a little emotional after the exchange with Trump, but this is far beyond that…

Pelosi cannot even remember the names of the people standing right next to her!

Not Getting Better

On Thursday, Pelosi held another press conference to tell her side of what happened during the meeting, and it was more of the same.

She looked into the camera as though she was a deer looking at the headlights of a car traveling 60mph in her direction.

Once again, she stuttered and stammered her way through the presser making very little sense.

Then, when she did talk, she told blatant lies about what happened.

Our best guess is the strain of trying to control the alt-far-left wing of the party while maintaining unity with establishment Democrats is taking its toll.

Pelosi clearly is cracking under the pressure and it is high time this woman is relieved of her duties before she has a complete nervous breakdown or drops dead at the podium.

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