Trump says Nancy Pelosi has ‘really lost it’

If you watched the Trump rally in Minnesota this week, you know the frustration over impeachment is starting to wear on President Donald Trump.

Trump took some time to focus on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the rally, stating, “She’s either really stupid or she’s really lost it, or maybe there’s a certain dishonesty there.”

Not Just Nancy

Trump had every right to go after Nancy, even though the media is already characterizing this as another bullying of a woman … a “sexist attack” by a president that must be removed from office.

This, from the media that allows Democrats to attack at will, while anytime Trump is a villain for defending himself.

This rally was only one day after Pelosi claimed Trump was “trying to make lawlessness a virtue” after Trump issued a letter stating that he would not be cooperating with the House impeachment efforts.

Pelosi, however, was not Trump’s only target at the rally. The president also chose to go after the Bidens and the possibility of their corrupt behavior in Ukraine and China.

Trump brought up Hunter Biden, a man with no experience in the energy field, who was appointed to a high-paying board position on a Ukraine energy company.

The president said that Hunter Biden “knew nothing about anything.” Trump took it a step further by calling Hunter a “loser,” something that will surely not sit well with his father, former vice president Joe Biden.

Joe Biden was also hit pretty hard by Trump, who stated Biden was a horrible senator and the only reason he was considered a successful VP was because “he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**.”

Biden Hits Back

Joe Biden, of course, did not let the rally comments go unanswered. As he usually does, Biden pushed the “respect” angle, stating that Trump spent his night proving “how little respect for anyone else you have.”

Biden demands Trump’s impeachment for something Biden did, yet Biden has the audacity to demand respect from Trump … it just doesn’t make any sense.

As this campaign season continues, it wouldn’t be surprising if Trump gets even bolder about calling out Democrat hypocrisy.

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