Pelosi says GOP ‘trying to get away with murder’ in police reform bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is no stranger to hyperbolic political rhetoric, but her latest salvo against Republicans is truly one for the books.

After details of a GOP police reform bill being considered by the Senate were made public, Pelosi accused Republicans of “trying to get away with murder, actually, the murder of George Floyd,” according to The Hill.

Pelosi slams GOP bill

While Pelosi and company have been on an extended vacation, purportedly due to coronavirus concerns, the Senate has been hard at work. Both sides of the aisle wanted to take action in the wake of the death of George Floyd, so it appeared to be a perfect opportunity to pass bipartisan police reform.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) was tasked with crafting a bill in the upper chamber, but Democrats, as usual, want nothing at all to do with anything Republicans put on the floor.

Pelosi told CBS Radio, “What the Senate did…is unsalvageable. We’re saying no chokeholds, they’re not saying no chokeholds. There’s a big difference. What’s the compromise? Some chokeholds?”

She went on: “In other words, for something to happen, they’re going to have to face the reality of police brutality, the rallies of the need for justice in policing and the recognition that there are many, many good people in law enforcement but not all, and that we have to address those concerns.”

The speaker ultimately concluded: “When they admit that and have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration, but so far they were trying to get away with murder, actually, the murder of George Floyd.”

All or nothing

The Democrats’ idea of legislation these days is all or nothing, and input from Republicans is rarely, if ever, sought or entertained.

Scott’s legislation contained reasonable reforms and paved the way for leveraging additional change at the local level by withholding federal funds from departments unwilling to comply, as The Hill noted.

On the House version of police reform, Pelosi stated, “What we have put together in the House of Representatives will make a difference, make a difference in justice in policing, make a difference in reducing brutality in terms of … actions with police, and in minority communities especially.”

She added of Senate Republicans, “They’re just going have to up their ante in terms of their sincerity and trying to make a change to get a job done.”

With both sides unlikely to budge, we may not actually see a real reform bill until after the general election when, hopefully, the GOP retakes the House and keeps control of the Senate. The gridlock never ends.

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