Nancy Pelosi gives heartless dismissal when asked about cop killed by illegal immigrant

Last week, a police officer in California was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant.

But rather than acknowledge the growing problem of crimes by illegal immigrants, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed it merely as a “situation” — one that she believes cannot be eliminated with a border wall and stronger border security.

Comments face outrage

During her weekly press conference, Pelosi was specifically asked about the need for improved border security, including with a wall, in light to a tragedy that occured earlier this month in California.

A legal immigrant and police officer Ronil Singh was shot to death by an individual that should not have even been in the country.

Pelosi’s response? “It is a tragic situation, but what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities.”

It took only seconds for the backlash to begin over her comments.

One of the first to speak against her was Fox contributor Tomi Lahren, and she absolutely nailed it.

This “situation” was preventable and never would have happened had that undocumented immigrant not been in the country, as Tomi says in this Fox clip:

Par for the course

But we should expect this from Pelosi by now.

She belittles horrific events like these to push her own agenda.

After the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, Pelosi took much the same approach, calling the attacks an “incident” rather than admitting the truth:

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Quite frankly, what Pelosi will say and do to protect her party is despicable.

She dismissed the life of an American hero to further her anti-Trump/anti-wall agenda. Shameful.

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