Republican congressman says Nancy Pelosi was forced to pursue impeachment

I’m not a congressional historian, but it is hard to imagine that any House speaker has had a more difficult time than Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) since she took up the gavel last January.

During that period, Pelosi has had to face numerous calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment — and according to one Republican congressman, by the time this fall rolled around, Pelosi just couldn’t hold off her caucus any longer.

Bird’s eye view

In an appearance on Fox & Friends on Saturday, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) asserted that Pelosi was forced into going along with impeachment over the so-called “whistleblower” complaint.

“This isn’t about the speaker honoring her oath,” Zeldin said, according to Breitbart. “It’s not about the speaker honoring our Constitution.”

None of this had anything to do with Pelosi caving on impeachment, Zeldin insisted. Instead, he gave a different explanation.

“It’s about her honoring an enraged activist liberal base that gave her the gavel to make her speaker,” Zeldin said. “This is about appeasing part of her conference that essentially rolled her into pursuing this impeachment.”

Rocky road

Zeldin’s comments certainly ring true to outsiders who have been looking in.

During the Trump–Russia collusion hoax, Pelosi earned the praise of Republicans and the animosity of some Democrats for not allowing the House to launch an impeachment inquiry, according to the Wall Street Journal. That, in itself, must have taken some strength, but she was helped by the truth: no good would come of it for Democrats.

Now, with the “whistleblower” situation, the script has flipped. Pelosi has earned the praise of the more extreme members of her base by launching an impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, she’s become the subject of intense Republican scrutiny.

Some say that Pelosi gave in too willingly this time, and has been way too willing to accept the case against Trump. Just a couple weeks ago, it was Pelosi who gave a speech saying, “The times have found us,” quoting Thomas Paine, according to National Review.

Indeed, forced into it or not, Pelosi has shown that she’s all-in on impeachment. Unfortunately for her, the same can’t be said of the American public.

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