Pelosi faces mounting criticism over continued presence of National Guard in DC

National Guard troops reported to the nation’s capital last month in response to safety fears in the wake of a violent riot on Capitol Hill.

As Guardsmen remain in Washington, D.C., however, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is lashing out at Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over what he called a “political statement” from the House speaker.

“The vast majority of Americans”

Despite no apparent lingering security threats against the Capitol building, Meadows noted the continued presence of troops and pointed the finger at Pelosi.

“There’s no actionable intelligence that would suggest that we should have National Guard troops still here in Washington, D.C.,” he said during a recent Fox Business interview.

In addition to the military presence, Pelosi has made other moves signaling to critics across the aisle that she is still paranoid following the unrest at the Capitol on Jan. 6. She has also attracted attention for forcing those who enter — including elected officials — to pass through metal detectors.

“Pelosi’s trying to continue to put up not only the fencing but the National Guard and the razor wire here in Washington, D.C., to try to remind Americans that she is now in control,” Meadows told the host of Mornings with Maria.

“But I can tell you that the vast majority of Americans are telling Speaker Pelosi, ‘Tear down that wall,'” he added.

“Without any disclosure”

U.S. Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) also sounded off on the issue, declaring: “It’s amazing to me that [Pelosi] can do this without any disclosure, without any information, and just continue to spend money with no briefing.”

Pentagon sources say the last remaining National Guard troops are expected to be gone by mid-March, but it appears nothing is set in stone.

According to an internal email obtained by Fox News, some officials hope to keep Guardsmen in the area until fall.

In any case, the entire situation might strike some Americans as ironic, given the left’s frequent attacks on former President Donald Trump as a dictator for his use of National Guard resources in response to destructive protests across the nation last year. Now, Democrats seem to be resorting to similar measures without any clear and present threat to their safety.

Further complicating the issue are questions about how Pelosi handled potential threats prior to last month’s riot. Specifically, a request to bring in the National Guard before Jan. 6 was rejected — and Republicans have yet to receive a direct explanation for the situation from Pelosi’s office.

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