Pelosi doubles down on War Powers Resolution despite de-escalation of Iran conflict

Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated to new heights over this past week, and rumblings of war had the entire world on edge.

After the strike on top Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she wanted to introduce a War Powers Resolution against President Donald Trump to restrict any further military action against Iran. However, Pelosi’s attempt to hamstring Trump yet again was defeated, according to Breitbart, as Trump has successfully de-escalated the Iran conflict without need for further action.

Too late

General Soleimani was a terrorist. On that point, there is little debate. As was the case with Osama bin Laden, Soleimani needed to die.

After Trump took him out, Democrats expressed outrage, saying the strike against the Iranian general was “provocative and disproportionate” to the latest strikes by Iran, showing just how little value Democrats put on American lives.

Furthermore, Democrats failed to account for the cumulative attacks conducted by Soleimani and the hundreds of troops who were killed at his hand.

It seems like Dems are upset because they didn’t get any credit. To make sure they get credit the next time around, Pelosi introduced a War Powers Resolution to ensure Trump could not strike in such a manner again without congressional approval.

Breitbart reports that the proposed resolution “is expected to limit the time a president can lead the military into conflict to 30 days, down from 60 days under the War Powers Resolution of 1973.”

It’s already over

Everyone knew that Iran was going to carry out a counterattack to the Soleimani killing. Democrats were predicting that when that happened, Trump would use it as an excuse to start a war.

Well, Iran did counterattack, but it amounted to be a big nothingburger, proving that Iran does not want to escalate this conflict.

After their attacks, Trump spoke to the nation and to Iran, inviting them to come to the table for peace and to end this right now.

Soon after, Iran’s envoy to the United Nations confirmed that the Islamic Republic is not seeking any further escalation of conflict after its retaliatory missile strike against U.S. assets in Iraq on Tuesday. Iranian diplomat Majid Takht Ravanchi told NPR on Thursday:

What we have said is that we took a measured, proportionate response to the terrorist assassination of our top general, Qasem Soleimani last night, and as far as Iran is concerned, that action was concluded last night.

Still, Pelosi will introduce her resolution, which will probably pass in the Democrat-controlled House only to die in the GOP-controlled Senate. Pelosi is once again wasting time and money, because by all accounts, Iran is done and this conflict is over.

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