Pelosi says she is ‘done’ with President Trump

It would appear as though President Donald Trump has finally broken House SpeakerNancy Pelosi down.

When asked earlier this week to comment on Trump, Pelosi stated: “I’m done with him. I don’t even want to talk about him.”

Bad Timing

According to Pelosi (D-CA), our politicians should not be talking bad about each other when they are overseas. Apparently, though, that does not hold true when the president is overseas and she is still on U.S. soil.

While Trump was on his state visit to the UK, it seemed like every Democrat in office was taking shots at Trump. Pelosi even stated she wanted to send Trump to prison why the President was shaking hands with the Queen.

It got so bad, in fact, some of the liberal media even expressed outrage with Pelosi for making the comment during a state visit. Trump was later interviewed by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham about the comments made by Pelosi, and Trump really laid into her.

As far as Pelosi was concerned, that was out of line. She stated, “We never criticize a president of the United States when we are overseas. The President took a different tack.”

Pelosi then stated she was done talking about the president.

Deny, Deny, Deny

The press did hit Pelosi back about her “prison” comment, but Pelosi let it roll right off her back like water off a duck’s back.

She stated, “I don’t care what motivates him, and we never know. But in front of the tombstones of our fallen…you be the judge as to whether you think it’s appropriate for the president to take that tack.”

Her argument makes little sense, as does anything Pelosi seems to say these days. Democrats want to be able to do and say anything with impunity right now.

They rip Trump for doing or saying something in one instance, then turn around do the same or worse the first chance they get.

You can’t have it both ways, Nancy.

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