Nancy Pelosi breaks, allows Ocasio-Cortez to dictate party policy

Old-time Democrats are probably seething right now. They have seen the direction of their party change dramatically over the last three years — and now, it is making an extreme turn to the left.

Nancy Pelosi is now letting AOC lead and dictate policy within the Democratic Party.

The New Face of Democrats

Whether they like or not, it is hard to argue the fact that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the new face and backbone of the Democratic Party.

She was a media superstar during her campaign, and after pulling off a major upset and winning a congressional seat, she appears to be one of the major shot callers in the party.

When Pelosi took over as House speaker, she vowed to work with Republicans to pass bipartisan legislation.

She promised to work to unite the country — not divide it further.

Now, only two months from making that statement, she is using AOC’s strong-arm policy of forcing moderate Democrats to get in line.

After Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) literally threatened Democrats who were not voting right down the party line with being put on an advocacy blacklist, Pelosi made much the same threat.

While she was not as blatant about it, Pelosi was adamant that Democrats needed to stick together — period.

Doesn’t Always Work

When people are elected to office, they are elected to represent the people of their district or state.

Some of these Democrats have a more moderate base, meaning what is in the best interest of their constituents does not always match up with what Democrats are trying to push.

Now, Pelosi and company are telling them that their constituents no longer matter.

Instead, she merely wants them to be obstructionists to hurt Donald Trump, the people of this country be damned.

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