As Nancy Pelosi-backed Dems oppose immigration reform, MS-13 gang members target off-duty NYPD officers

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Dems can’t hide from the atrocities their immigration policies have caused.

Despite repeated warnings from President Donald Trump and the GOP that violent criminals are among the ranks of illegal immigrants swarming into the U.S., the Democrats are continuing to oppose immigration reform — just as New York police have warned that gang members from MS-13, an international crime group with links to Central America, are targeting off-duty NYPD officers.

NYPD Issues Alert

Democrats have defended illegal immigrants, often insisting that only innocent families are making their way across our southern border. We know the truth, though.

Gang members from MS-13 also use the lax border situation to infiltrate this country.

They are heartless and brutal criminals. And now, they have painted a target on the heads off NYPD officers.

An alert on the situation came directly from the NYPD, which issued a bulletin addressed to all officers:

Intel has been obtained that members of MS13 are looking to “hit” NYPD police officers, specifically in the Brentwood/Central Islip area, as well as possibly Patchogue in order to gain street credibility.

The bulletin further warned that gang members are surveilling officers to find out more about their private residences and neighborhoods in anticipation for their so-called “hits.”

The Immigration Problem

Simply put, MS-13 is a problem in this country because of our current immigration policies.

While President Trump has warned the country about this gang and its activity as a driving force behind the changes he is trying to implement, Democrats are using the empathy angle to spread narratives that twist the facts to suit their own agenda.

Meanwhile, this gang has been permitted to expand specifically because of sanctuary cities and restrictions Democrats in office are putting on their own law enforcement regarding federal ICE policies.

Rather than worry about the welfare of the citizens and its law enforcement officers, Democrats are trying to open the borders so they can gain more loyal blue voters.

There is little doubt that if the Dems are able to regain control of the Senate and White House, they will allow immigrants to pour into this country at an unprecedented rate to secure more votes.

It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Dems don’t care about the lives of Americans. It’s all a power grab for them.

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