Pelosi, progressive Dems signal eagerness to repeal pro-life Hyde Amendment

An amendment that has impacted every federal spending bill passed for more than four decades might come under attack in the upcoming legislative session.

According to Breitbart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats appear to be preparing for a renewed push to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions.

“How can we get rid of that?”

Despite persistent criticism of the restriction by many on the left, it has nonetheless accomplished its goal since the mid-1970s.

That might be about to change, as Pelosi signaled during a recent press conference.

When asked whether she would look to repeal the Hyde Amendment next year, she responded: “Well, I don’t know if there will be a bill to do that, but it will be part of legislation. Yes, I think that is — I mean, I, myself, have been an opponent of the Hyde Amendment long before I came to Congress. So, I would be receptive to that happening, yes.”

While far from a declarative statement on the matter, Pelosi reiterated her longstanding opposition to the amendment.

“Way before I was in Congress, as soon as the Hyde Amendment was there, I was thinking, ‘How can we get rid of that?’ So, it’s long overdue, getting rid of it, in my view,” she said, according to Breitbart.

“Reproductive justice”

Some of Pelosi’s progressive colleagues in the House, however, were even more outspoken in their endorsement of a repeal.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), for example, predicted in one tweet that “this will be the last year the Hyde amendment will perpetuate harm onto Black and brown people seeking to exercise their right to bodily autonomy.”

She further speculated that Democrats will “end” the amendment, which she claimed would “advance reproductive justice for all people.”

The comments from both lawmakers came after Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) held a hearing on Tuesday to debate the Hyde Amendment, arguing:

While the Labor/HHS/Education bill has carried the Hyde Amendment every year since 1976, this is the last year. The inequities in our country’s healthcare system that have been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic all further expose the impact of the Hyde Amendment. All of these issues deny the humanity of people of color and their ability to do well for their families and their communities.

In the end, the pro-life amendment’s future could depend on which party controls the Senate, a variable that hinges on the outcome of two Georgia runoff races set for next month.

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