Pelosi, Dems exposed after attending crowded fundraiser without masks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other leaders in her party have been caught in their apparent hypocrisy after touting the importance of face masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest example involves a video clip from a recent Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in which Pelosi and others appear to be crowded together without masks while being served by masked waitstaff.

Details of the event

The event was held in Napa Valley, California, on Sunday. While Pelosi and others without masks are presumably vaccinated, they seemed to be in violation of recommendations that all Americans mask up in most public settings.

Reporter Kenneth Vogel of The New York Times shared the clip from the fundraiser and noted that donations required to attend ranged from $100 to $29,000.

Maskless DCCC members and donors appeared to sit shoulder-to-shoulder at long tables while masked servers brought their food and drinks.

For its part, the New York Post editorial board slammed Pelosi and other Democratic Party elites for their display at the fundraiser after insisting that everyone else wear masks at large gatherings per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Crush the virus”

Arguing that the latest situation is “far worse” than when Pelosi was spotted last year without a mask at a San Francisco hair salon, the editorial board asserted that Democrats have proven to be “the party of rules for thee but not for we.”

A related report by the Washington Free Beacon highlighted DCCC chairman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), who attended the fundraiser after returning from a European trip during which he also ignored COVID recommendations.

The congressman attended a large wedding party in France where no masks were being worn by guests. Maloney followed up with a trip to Italy where he visited an indoor art gallery without a mask.

Due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the Department of State has advised Americans against visiting either France or Italy and urging those who do to fully abide by all mitigation protocols.

Somewhat ironically, Maloney recently tweeted that his fellow Americans should do their part to “crush the virus,” including vaccinations, mask use, and adherence to CDC guidelines — at least two of which he was apparently not doing at the time.

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