Report: Pelosi lobbying House Dems to turn down jobs in Biden admin to avoid losing majority

After refusing to accept responsibility for big losses in this month’s elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is now all but ordering Democrats not to join presumptive President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

By most metrics, Nov. 3 was a disaster for Democrats. Dems failed to take the Senate from Republicans, and they lost a large chunk of the seats they once held in the House, leaving them with a “razor-thin” majority.

To avoid potentially losing that majority, Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are reportedly urging members of their caucus to turn down any job offers from Biden as he is beginning to put together his administration, according to the New York Post.

Dems in a tight spot

The losses sustained in the 2020 elections have left Democrats in a tight spot, and now, it looks like that may prevent them from staffing Biden’s possible upcoming administration with their best and brightest.

Of course, Pelosi is publicly denying that she is creating pressure on her subordinates to stay in the House instead of taking a job with Biden. According to the Daily Mail, Pelosi’s spokesperson, Drew Hammill, said of the claims:

This is completely false. The speaker wants the full contribution of House Democrats to the Biden–Harris mandate and to the future represented in the administration.

According to the New York Post, however, an anonymous Democratic Party official is saying the opposite: “Nancy is telling House members, ‘Now is not the time to leave.'”

Pelosi on the way out?

It’s not difficult to imagine that Pelosi is panicking and doing everything in her power to hold onto the reins of power in the Democratic Party.

Losing more seats in special elections could lead her to being thrown out of leadership — and Biden currently has a list of 20 House members and 10 senators who he wants to bring in to work for him, the Post¬†reports.

These members are known for their bipartisanship, and there has even been talk of Biden bringing in Republicans to work in his administration. Those plans would leave Pelosi in a tight spot, possibly facing over a dozen special elections.

Worse still: Some of the candidates said to be on Biden’s list will be very difficult for Dems to replace.

Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and Rep. Antonio Delgado (D-NY) are both likely picks to work in a Biden administration and are both from upstate New York. Winning special elections in upstate New York will not be easy for those on the left.

The future certainly doesn’t look good for Democrats who will go into 2022 fighting to hold their majority from Republicans who will be out for blood. Let the games begin.

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