Report: Nancy Pelosi won’t admit the Democratic Party is fracturing under her leadership

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was profiled on CBS’ 60 Minutes. But she wasn’t totally honest.

Rather than admit the problems facing her party, Pelosi flat-out denied that there are factions of defectors tearing the party apart. Apparently, she forgot about the power of Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Just Tell the Truth!

Nancy Pelosi had a chance to come clean with the American people on Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Rather than admit there is a problem, however, Pelosi flat-out denied there is dissension among Dems’ ranks.

When Lesley Stahl broached the topic of AOC and her own faction of progressives, Pelosi tried to play it off as though AOC’s group is a very small minority in the House of only five people.

When Stahl pushed back, Pelosi said that she, too, is a progressive, and even put herself in the same group as Ocasio-Cortez.

Stahl also touched on the attacks AOC and her camp have lodged against moderate Democrats for not voting down the party line on certain issues.

Pelosi then stressed that regardless of where Democrats stood upon being elected, they need to stand together in Congress.

What Stahl Missed

Stahl could have obliterated Pelosi at this point, but she chose to go a different route.

The proper follow-up would have been to correct Pelosi on the spot that the Democrats in office need to represent the people that elected them — not the party and its hard lines against Trump.

This is where Democrats and Republicans have differed in recent years. Republicans continue to work for the concerns of the people that put them into office, even if it means going against the party line.

Democrats, however, are demanding everyone in the party vote for Democrat legislation and against Republican proposals at costs — even if their constituents would benefit from a GOP move.

While Pelosi may have once been feared in her party, that is no longer the case, especially with a new breed of freshman in Washington, represented by none other than AOC.

Pelosi can deny it all she wants, but the truth is, the Democratic Party is falling to pieces while she holds the gavel.

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