Pelosi demands Labor Secretary’s resignation for ties to Epstein case

The one skeleton in the closet of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has always been Jeffrey Epstein.

While Acosta has never partaken in the services offered at “Orgy Island,” he was the architect behind the plea deal Epstein was given in 2008. Nancy Pelosi believes this fact necessitates Acosta’s resignation from his position. 

The Deal

At the time of the original indictment, most expected to see Epstein spend the rest of his life behind bars. He was facing a life sentence and dozens of allegations for horrific sex crimes against underage girls.

Epstein, however, is very well connected, including rather friendly relationships with former President Bill Clinton. A recent Fox News report showed that Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane 26 times. On five of those occasions, Clinton ditched his Secret Service detail.

Whether or not Bill went to “Orgy Island” or not remains to be seen, but most believe Bill was a willing participant in the sex scandal Epstein was running.

Even with all of that damning information, though, then-U.S. Attorney for Miami Alex Acosta chose to cut a deal. Epstein would only end up serving 13 months behind bars for his atrocities.

With new charges now being faced by Epstein, Democrats are using the case to rail against another member of the Trump cabinet.

Wait and See

To this point, President Trump has stood behind Acosta and has no plans on dismissing him, despite the call for his resignation from Nancy Pelosi.

On Tuesday, Trump stated he would have his team look further into the case to see if it was handled properly at the time.

However, he also stated Acosta was not the only decision maker when the plea was reached. For his part, Acosta has tried to do some damage control by applauding the arrest of Epstein.

He further stated he looks forward to seeing Epstein being brought to the justice he deserved many years ago.

This is surely a tale that has much more behind it and all that dirty laundry will more than likely come out for all to see in upcoming days.

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