Pelosi demands social media outlets remove ‘doctored’ SOTU video

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) openly shredded her copy of the president’s State of the Union speech, everyone and their mother predicted that Trump would use it against Dems during the election.

Well, it only took the Trump campaign a few days to splice together a video highlighting the distastefulness of Pelosi’s act. But that widely circulated video caused Pelosi to flip out, and now, she is crying foul, demanding sites like Facebook and Twitter remove it at once, according to the Daily Caller.

The “doctored” video

Pelosi and her fellow delusional Democrats are claiming the video is misleading. But most conservatives would say the editing was done only to drive the point home about the significance of Pelosi tearing up those documents. Take a look for yourself:

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, drew first blood. “The latest fake video of Speaker Pelosi is deliberately designed to mislead and lie to the American people, and every day that these platforms refuse to take it down is another reminder that they care more about their shareholders’ interests than the public’s interests,” he said.

But Facebook immediately fired back against the claims, fueling rumors that the social media platform may finally be loosening the ropes on conservatives.

Andy Stone, a spokesman for the company, replied to accusations on Twitter: “Sorry, are you suggesting the President didn’t make those remarks and the Speaker didn’t rip the speech?”

Twitter also stated the video does not violate any policies, so the speaker is out of luck.

It’s edited, not doctored

It’s true that the video is edited, but only to highlight the stories of every hero within that speech that Pelosi did not consider when she shredded the document.

And, as Stone stated, everything that is stated in the video is true and Pelosi did shred the speech — so where is the problem?

Pelosi took a victory lap with her liberal horde the morning after she shredded the speech, but we predicted then that it was going to come back and bite her.

Americans on both sides of the aisle were furious, and this video by Trump is only going to stoke that fire more.

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