Nancy Pelosi deletes tweet in support of actor Jussie Smollett after the real story emerges

Nancy Pelosi is trying to erase her past, but it’s not that easy in this day and age.

With it appearing more and more likely that the attack against Empire actor Jussie Smollett was orchestrated by Smollett himself, Pelosi deleted her tweet condemning the attack.

Feeling the Heat

Over the last few days, the news reports on the attack on Smollett have taken a new angle than was first reported.

Smollett is likely to soon go from being the victim to the accused.

After two Nigerian brothers were questioned about the attack and reportedly turned on Smollett, it now appears as though Smollett hired them to conduct the attack, possibly to protect himself against losing his job.

Rumors were apparently circulating that Smollett was going to be written off the Fox show in which he stars.

It is now believed by many pundits that Smollett hired the men for the attack to prevent that from happening, as the show surely could not fire someone who had just been the victim of a racist attack.

To be sure, Chicago police have not stated that Smollett is a suspect — but that may be mostly because he has not made himself available to investigators for questioning.

Double Standard

Other than deleting her tweet, Pelosi has been eerily silent about the incident since the latest turn of events — but another Trump critic, Al Sharpton, has not.

Sharpton has since stated that if Smollett is guilty of orchestrating the attack, he should be held accountable.

However, Sharpton has been adamant that this was not a left-wing hoax, because Trump too had spoken out against the attack. But all that really means is that the president fell victim to the fake news just like everyone else.

Furthermore, we all know that if Trump had not spoken out against the attack, he would have been called racist.

Sharpton did get something right in his original declaration against the attack, though: he had stated the attack was a “reminder of the times we live in.” And on that, he is absolutely correct.

We live in a time where liberals are so desperate to label this president as a racist that they will orchestrate their own attacks to make it appear as though they are right. What a shame.

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