Pelosi explodes over rumored delay in stimulus checks bearing Trump’s signature

Media reports recently indicated that the Treasury Department would be adding President Donald Trump’s signature to the economic stimulus checks being sent to millions of Americans.

That news, particularly the rumor that the addition of Trump’s name would cause a delay in the checks being mailed, infuriated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The speaker blasted the president for “shameful” behavior in a statement released on Wednesday, The Hill reported.

“Delaying direct payments to vulnerable families just to print his name on the check is another shameful example of President Trump’s catastrophic failure to treat this crisis with the urgency it demands,” Pelosi wrote.

That is pretty rich irony, coming from someone who has repeatedly delayed several Congressional attempts to pass legislative packages intended to provide broad economic relief, including an attempt to replenish the depleted Paycheck Protection Program that extends forgivable loans to small businesses so they can continue paying idled employees.


The rumor of a potential delay caused by adding Trump’s signature to the checks was initially reported by The Washington Post.

The Post report cited anonymous IRS officials who claimed that the decision regarding Trump’s signature had only been made earlier in the week and prompted a rush to make changes in the setup of the printing machines.

Those unnamed officials claimed the addition of the signature, which would appear on the “memo” line of the checks, would “probably” result in a delay of a few days before the checks could be mailed to those Americans whose banking information isn’t on record to receive a direct deposit.

Breitbart reported that the news of Trump’s name being added to the checks also resulted in an outburst via Twitter from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who has long been a vocal opponent of the president.

Waters tweeted, “Whaaaat? Don’t dirty up the economic impact payments w/ Don the Con’s name on the checks that are being sent to American families to get thru the crisis. People may think it’s a BOGUS check from a BOGUS president!”

“Fake news” on check delays

But it looks like Pelosi and Waters bought in to some “fake news” from the Post. The checks will not be delayed and they are very much real, not “bogus,” according to Monica Crowley, assistant secretary for public affairs at the Treasury Department.

Crowley tweeted out a statement from the department’s spokesperson which made clear that there would be no delay due to the addition of the president’s signature.

More than 80 million payments were made, via direct deposit, just two and a half weeks after they were authorized, according to the statement, and the first batch of paper checks are expected to be in the mail as soon as the beginning of next week.

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