Pelosi, Biden face criticism for delayed response to Kabul attack

For Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), it seems a deadly attack on U.S. troops took a backseat to “Women’s Equality Day.”

According to Breitbart, both Pelosi and the White House released statements on Thursday about “Women’s Equality Day” before they had anything to say about an attack on the airport in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul that left at least 13 U.S. service members dead.

Pelosi’s priorities

Early Thursday, Pelosi released a lengthy statement heralding “Women’s Equality Day,” which marks the anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment giving women in America the right to vote.

“More than a century ago, after generations of marching and fighting, courageous suffragists finally won full and equal citizenship and representation in our democracy with the adoption of the 19th Amendment,” Pelosi wrote in her statement. “On this day, Americans take time to honor these heroes, whose tireless struggle moved our nation closer toward our founding promise of full equality for all. We also remember the many heroic women of color, too often unsung, who carried on the fight for decades more to overcome discrimination and injustice to win fair access to the ballot for every community.”

Pelosi went on to talk about the “many barriers to full equality” that women face. But what she didn’t address were suicide bombings in Kabul that killed dozens, including members of the U.S. military.

A statement on that came later in the day. “The United States House of Representatives strongly condemns the heinous terrorist attack outside Kabul airport,” the speaker finally said in a statement later Thursday. “We mourn the loss of every innocent life taken, and we join every American in heartbreak over the deaths of the servicemembers killed.”

According to the New York Post, Pelosi also declined to broach the subject when pressed by reporters at her weekly Thursday press conference, instead referring them back to her earlier statement.

Biden, too

For President Joe Biden and the White House, it was much of the same. They, too, put out a statement on “Women’s Equality Day,” as Breitbart noted.

“My Administration is committed to bearing out the promise of the suffragists, who understood that for women to attain true equality in our country, they must have an equal place at the ballot box,” Biden wrote. “As the Vice President has said, the status of women is the status of democracy. This is true abroad, too, where we are committed to strengthening women’s political participation and leadership around the world.”

It wasn’t until late afternoon that Biden finally addressed the situation in Afghanistan, where at least one suicide bombing took place Thursday. The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack, Breitbart notes.

As of Friday morning, reports indicated that over 100 people were killed in the attack, including the 13 U.S. service members.

That toll is expected to rise, however, and it is believed that more attacks could be imminent as the Taliban tightens the reins on Kabul.

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