Pelosi conveys ‘prayers and condolences’ to family of slain officer after Capitol attack

Another tragedy occurred at the U.S. Capitol building on Friday when an attacker reportedly drove his vehicle into a barricade, killing one Capitol Police officer and injuring another.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was among the elected officials who have since spoken to the family of slain officer William Evans to extend her condolences, as The Hill reports.

“Exhibited great valor”

“On behalf of the House of Representatives, I have conveyed our prayers and condolences to his mother Janice, with our offer of assistance to her and Officer Evans’ children Logan and Abigail,” the House speaker said in a statement to fellow lawmakers, according to The Hill. “I have also conveyed the prayers of the Congress with our ongoing promise of help in any way to the family of the other Officer harmed, who exhibited great valor in defending the Capitol.”

The tragic and alarming attack appeared to demonstrate the continued hostilities and divisiveness that have come to dominate American politics in recent years.

Noah Green, 25, has been identified as the assailant. He was reportedly shot and killed by police after he emerged from the vehicle armed with a knife and refused to comply with verbal commands.

While President Joe Biden came into office with the promise of a return to civility, that collective healing appears to be nowhere in sight and the most recent violence on Capitol Hill is raising new questions about the current administration’s ability to address the nation’s deep divisions.

A suspected motive for the attack was not immediately confirmed, but personal details about Green hint at radical influences and troubling circumstances in his life.

“The whole Senate mourns”

He was reportedly a follower of the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and he proclaimed on Facebook that things had gotten “tougher” for him in recent months.

Biden and other prominent Democrats spent much of the presidential campaign criticizing former President Donald Trump for divisive rhetoric that they claimed resulted in violence. Now that Trump is gone, however, this incident is a sobering reminder that the nation’s problems are deeper than the words of one man.

If Biden truly wants to stem the tide of increased radicalism in America, he might want to start by ushering in a robust economy. Green was believed to be suffering from the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, which might have played a role in inspiring his deadly attack.

Of course, that would require the president to embrace fiscal reality instead of pursuing a bloated infrastructure bill and identity politics. Regardless of which party is in control on Capitol Hill and in the White House, Americans of all ideological stripes are joined in the hope that Friday’s attack is the last of its kind.

According to The Hill, a spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) confirmed that he also spoke to the deceased officer’s family to deliver the message that “the whole Senate mourns Billy’s loss and appreciates his bravery.”

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