Pelosi calls for ‘immediate conference’ with Trump on border

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party are reeling right now.

The fact she encouraged her party to vote on a bill that was widely criticized by the far-left faction of the party has her in damage control mode, so Pelosi is requesting an emergency sit-down with the president to save face.

Senate Legislation

Democrats in the House had a real chance to make a statement about being cooperative with Republicans to get real legislation passed.

Instead, they stuck to their guns and continued to posture by proposing and supporting legislation they knew would never get passed by the Senate. Senate Republicans, however, took the opposite approach.

Realizing the urgency of the matter, the Senate put together clean legislation with absolutely no agenda to alleviate the humanitarian crisis at the border. That legislation passed in true bipartisan fashion with an almost unanimous vote.

Even after Pelosi sent a message to House Democrats she wanted to, albeit reluctantly, pass this legislation, the progressive left in the House revolted against her.

Help Me, Mr. President

Now, Pelosi is begging Trump to bail her out. Pelosi knows she lost a big bargaining chip and if she is not able to get House immigration issues passed soon, she is going to lose control of this party.

Pelosi stated, “We are calling upon the Trump administration and the Senate to engage in an immediate conference to do the best we can for the children before we leave for the 4th of July.”

If Democrats are serious about fixing this issue, their July recess should be the last thing on their minds.

Trump delayed massive deportations by two weeks to allow our representatives to sit down and work this out. Other than the relief funding, there has been no movement whatsoever on immigration legislation.

The clock is ticking and if they actually do leave for the July recess and don’t have realistic legislation on the President’s desk, ICE is expected to ramp up the operation and start deporting people.

It is now or never time for Pelosi and if she fails to get this done, she is probably going to be turning that gavel over to a Republican come January 2021.

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