Pelosi makes false claim that Social Security checks are sent via USPS

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is calling the lower chamber back into session to address the so-called crisis at the United Postal Service (USPS).

In a letter announcing the move, Pelosi made the incendiary claim that problems with the USPS could prevent Americans from receiving their Social Security checks in the mail — despite the fact that the assertion is patently false.

Pelosi the fearmonger

Fearmongering is clearly a pillar of the Democratic Party’s plan to win the upcoming election.

Sadly, the narrative the left is using is built upon a series of lies, particularly when it comes to the current situation at the USPS.

When Pelosi notified her fellow Democratic House members they needed to return to D.C., she cited concerns that Social Security checks would not be delivered to those who depend on them because of President Donald Trump’s supposed assault on the Postal Service, something that former administration official Ric Grenell highlighted on Twitter.

The problem, however, is that Social Security checks are no longer delivered by mail, because the practice of sending those payments via the Postal Service was ended in 2010, as was reported by ABC News in June of that year.

Willful media ignorance

Whenever President Trump makes a factual error of any sort, the media establishment is ready and willing to pounce, but when Democrats do the same, only the sounds of crickets can be heard.

Just last week, when presumptive vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) appeared for the first time as Joe Biden’s running mate, she likened the Ebola outbreak of 2014 to a pandemic on the scale of COVID-19.

This occurred despite the fact that the Ebola crisis involved a relatively small and well-contained situation, and while the medical community immediately took Harris to task over her claim, the media simply ignored the statement.

Sadly, the fact that Pelosi is receiving much the same treatment comes as no surprise, and she will surely get away with what could be considered hyperbole at best, outright deception at worst.

If today’s alternative media outlets ceased to exist, it seems likely that American voters would rarely, if ever, have access to the truth.

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