Report: Nancy Pelosi replaces outgoing chief of staff, makes history

In a year of female “firsts,” the gender-quota obsessed media has another milestone to celebrate — this one weirdly specific.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that she is replacing her outgoing chief of staff, Danny Weiss, with longtime staff member Terri McCullough.

A victory for leftists, not women

The news is not that McCullough is the first female Congressional chief of staff — she isn’t. Nor is McCullough the first woman to serve as chief of staff to a House Speaker. That honor goes to the wife of former Speaker Tom Foley.

Rather, the one splintered fleck of glass ceiling that McCullough sweeps away, and that has been dangling in the wake of many more powerful positions held by women, is that of paid, full-time chief of staff to the House Speaker.

“Terri is an exemplary manager, motivator and mentor,” Pelosi said. “Her wisdom and strategic insight will strengthen our Democratic Majority and our institution, especially in this transformational Congress led by a historic number of women serving in the House of Representatives.”

Such pro-female praise contrasts with Democrats’ brutal treatment of Republican women such as Sarah Palin and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. From that vantage point, McCullough’s ascent is emblematic, not of the rise of women, but of the left’s push to assimilate women to an extreme feminist, socialist, intersectional agenda.

While most Democrats favor pro-abortion legislation, McCullough takes her stance a step further, having actually held posts at radical NARAL Pro-Choice America. McCullough is also known for fighting for women-owned businesses — a fight that only makes sense if one is living in the 1950s or has an anti-free market fixation with gender quotas.

Passing the Torch

In her statement, Pelosi praised both McCullough and outgoing chief of staff Danny Weiss.

“I want to thank Danny Weiss for his leadership and for nearly 28 years of invaluable service to the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said.

“Danny’s efforts were vital to our Caucus’ strength and unity throughout his time as Chief of Staff, as Democrats developed our For The People agenda and won an historic midterm victory. I am especially indebted to him for his masterful work orchestrating the transition to the Speaker’s office.”

While Weiss has only worked for Pelosi since September 2017, McCullough began her career as an intern to Pelosi in 1991. She also previously served as chief of staff in the Speaker’s congressional office from 2003 to 2011.

“Terri’s far-ranging leadership and deep Congressional experience will be an invaluable resource for our Majority, and I am thrilled to welcome her back to my office in this new capacity,” Pelosi said.

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