Pelosi wades into GOP fight, voices support for Cheney but gets her name wrong

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has come under fire from fellow Republicans and her future as a leader in Congress appears uncertain.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke up in defense of Cheney on Tuesday and referred to the embattled Republican congresswoman by the wrong name while doing so, Breitbart reported.

While seeking to praise Cheney, Pelosi referred to her as “Lynne,” the name of the congresswoman’s mother, who is married to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I do commend Lynne Cheney”

Pelosi made the remarks about Cheney during an event in California’s Bay Area when she was asked by a reporter to weigh in on internal GOP rumblings that Cheney could soon be ousted from her leadership position.

“Well, you know, I don’t get involved in the — what goes on in the Republican Conference and House of Representatives,” Pelosi replied. “I do commend Lynne Cheney for her courage, for her patriotism and I wish her well. Perhaps this challenge will make her stronger. I don’t know, that’s up to their Caucus. I don’t welcome their participation in our Caucus and I’m sure they don’t welcome my participation in theirs.”

The reporter’s question to Pelosi was in regard to the growing talk among House Republicans about holding a vote to remove Cheney from her position as chair of the House GOP conference, a prominent leadership role, according to The Hill.

While Democrats and much of the media have cynically framed this as nothing more than an effort to silence a “truth-telling” voice speaking out against former President Donald Trump, it is actually a bit deeper than that.

Push to remove Cheney from leadership

Cheney has long been critical of Trump, particularly after the November election and Capitol riot, and in addition to vehemently countering Trump’s claims about election fraud, she also sided with Democrats in voting for his post-presidency impeachment.

The congresswoman survived an initial attempt to oust her from leadership in February, largely due to the support she received from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), but reports indicate that Cheney has now lost the widespread support she previously enjoyed from McCarthy and a majority of the GOP caucus.

However, that loss of support isn’t simply because she continues to sharply criticize Trump, but rather that she has recently shifted her fire toward Trump’s allies among the caucus and has become a “distraction” from the party’s efforts to form a united front to take back control of the House in 2022.

In all likelihood, the supremely partisan Pelosi almost certainly has no respect for Cheney — she couldn’t even get her name right — but simply wants to perpetuate the internal divisions among pro-Trump and anti-Trump Republicans and keep them distracted from the goal of taking majority control of Congress in the next election cycle.

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