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Pelosi caught vacationing at exclusive Italian resort as Americans continue to face record setting inflation

Guess what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been up to as Americans continue to suffer from some of the worst inflation in decades.

According to Fox News, Pelosi has been caught taking a “lavish” vacation in Italy. 

Per Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent time during the two-week July Fourth congressional recess at a ritzy resort in Italy owned by a renowned Italian opera tenor, while Americans faced the country’s highest inflation since the 1980s.

The details

Pelosi and her husband have been caught on camera at the Alpermare Beach Club in Forte Dei Marmi Italy. According to Fox, it is one of the most exclusive resorts that there is along the Mediterranean coast.

Some things about Pelosi’s trip are known, while other things are not.

Pelosi’s people, for example, have revealed that the House Speaker is at the resort on a day pass and that she did not stay overnight. Pelosi’s people have also revealed that the trip, from the plane flight to the resort stay, is being paid for, personally, by Pelosi.

Some things that we do not know include where Pelosi is staying in Italy at night time. We also do not know exactly how much Pelosi is paying for the trip. To provide some perspective here, Tripadvisor puts some of the resort’s entrees at almost $150. To repeat, that’s $150 for an entree.

Whatever the cost is, though, Pelosi can certainly afford it given all of the money that she has racked up over the years during her time in government. How does a government servant, like Pelosi, end up with a net worth of well over $100 million? That’s a question that many would like answered, especially given Pelosi’s salary of a little over $200,000.

Back to the real world . . .

While Pelosi is living it up at an exclusive Italian resort, Americans continue to deal with some of the worst inflation in years.

According to the U.S. Labor Department, inflation last month increased year-over-year by a whopping 8.6%.

It’s the highest inflation has been in 40 years.

The simple fact is that many Americans, because of this inflation, will not even be able to afford a modest summer vacation let alone the lavish one being enjoyed by Pelosi.