Pelosi cancels planned dinner for new Democratic members of Congress after sparking outrage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been forced to cancel a planned dinner for new Democratic members of Congress after backlash from critics, Fox News reported.

A photo showing preparations for the lavish indoor dinner went viral prompting outrage as Americans are being told that they cannot hold traditional Thanksgiving dinners because of the coronavirus. The planned event was defended by Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill who said, “Our office strictly follows the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician, including for this dinner,” according to Breitbart.

Despite this initial defense, it appears that Democrats realized the optics and canceled the dinner — but the message was already sent: coronavirus rules for the commoners but not for the elite.

Nancy Antoinette at it again

Pelosi’s decision to try and hold an indoor dinner for new Democratic members of Congress while simultaneously telling Americans how they must forgo Thanksgiving is not the first example of Pelosi’s shocking elitism.

The California Democrat has repeatedly channeled her inner Marie Antoinette during the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. Even as American workers lost jobs and businesses went under, Pelosi violated social distancing rules to get her hair done. On another occasion, the House speaker showed off her freezers of expensive ice cream while Americans were left unemployed with no certain future ahead of them.

If it hadn’t been for the outrage over the dinner, there is no doubt that Democrats would have seen no issues with carrying on with their plans. Radio host Buck Sexton put it bluntly, “Covid rules are for the little people.”

Pelosi is not one of the unwashed masses and neither are her cohorts in the Democratic Party who believe they are above the rules and regulations that they impose on the American people.

Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tell Americans, “Time to get creative, folks!” Maybe it is time for Democrats to be held to the same standards as the people. If physicians consider a dinner for Democrats coming from all over the country safe, than Americans meeting for Thanksgiving is also safe.

A new era for the elite

President Donald Trump’s time in office was one of change and disruption as the president sought to break up the good old boy clubs and elite circles that have strangled Washington, D.C. for decades.

With Trump seemingly deposed, life is returning to normal for the elite. The mainstream media will do nothing but cover and defend those same elites that Trump sought to throw out.

Americans can expect more situations like this.

Democrats will not follow the tyrannical rules that they impose on us and there will be few to hold them responsible.

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