Pelosi calls for investigation into Democrat who allegedly sexually assaulted a minor

Even the Democrats can no longer deny the problems within their own party.

In a shocking move, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics committee investigation into Congressman Cardenas over sexual misconduct allegations.

The Allegations

Last week, we reported Congressman Cardenas had been identified as the “John Doe” in a lawsuit over sexual misconduct with a minor.

Allegedly, the man gave a minor girl a drink that was drugged, then proceeded to molest the young girl.

Because the case involved a minor, no parties were identified in the suit.

However, based on the timeline of events and alleged people involved, it eventually came out the John Doe was Cardenas.

Cardenas himself has since admitted he is the person named in the complaint.

Ethics Committee

Nancy Pelosi is holding on to her leadership position for dear life, so she does not need a scandal like this attached to her name.

She took no time in throwing her fellow Democrat under the bus and ordered an ethics committee investigation.

Pelosi stated, “I have spoken with Congressman Cardenas and he appropriately asked up to withhold judgement until there is a full investigation of the facts.

“I call upon the House Ethics Committee for a prompt investigation of this matter,” Pelosi added.

Still in Denial

Cardenas continues to deny the allegations.

The Congressman has stated this is nothing more than the child of a disgruntled former employee that has been manipulated.

His attorney, Patricia Glaser stated, “My client is sickened and distraught by these horrific allegations, which are 100%, categorically untrue.”

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This case is of significant importance to the Democrat party, as Cardenas is an up and coming star in the party.

He has served in the House since 2013 and is also the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ PAC.

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