Nancy Pelosi blasts Supreme Court over ruling on border wall funding

On Friday, President Donald Trump won a major battle in the Supreme Court. But not everyone was happy about it.

After the high court green-lighted Trump using Pentagon funds for border wall construction, Pelosi accused the Supreme Court justices of violating the U.S. Constitution.

Moving money

In most situations, Congress has to approve spending by the White House. However, there are circumstances where reallocating funds is permitted — namely, when the president declares a national emergency.

That apparently was how five members of the court looked at this situation. Pelosi, however, did not agree.

“For months, the President has sought to undermine our military readiness and steal from our men and women in uniform to waste billions on a wasteful, ineffective wall that Congress on a bipartisan basis has repeatedly refused to fund,” she said.

She went on: “The Supreme Court’s decision tonight to allow President Trump to defy the bipartisan will of the Congress and proceed with contracts to spend billions of dollars on his wall undermines the Constitution and the law.”

A win for Trump

It goes without saying that Donald Trump was elated by the decision.

Considering how recent decisions have gone down, it was far from guaranteed that all five conservative justices would side with the administration.

That, however, is exactly what happened. The vote came in 5–4, right along ideological lines. After the decision was announced, Trump sent out a tweet to celebrate.

The decision immediately puts $2.5 billion into play for border wall construction.

While contracts had been awarded, there has not been any movement on the wall due to the funding being held up.

Now, it will be full steam ahead — and Trump can finally claim a major victory on his border wall campaign.

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