Lindsey Graham says Pelosi will be ‘biggest loser’ of Mueller testimony

Nancy Pelosi has had a rough time leading the Democrat party. She has been forced to try to reconcile the rising radical edge of the party with the moderate old guard in the party, and she’s not been very successful.

Now, in another unfortunate turn of events, Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees may make things much worse for her.  Mueller’s testimony can only increase calls among Democrats for impeachment.

Democrat fervor

Pelosi knows there is no real case to impeach Trump. But that won’t stop the clamor from the radical left. Mueller will not say anything that will defend Trump either, his rhetoric will only raise questions and speculation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News that “the biggest loser of Mueller coming into the House, I think, is Nancy Pelosi. It is going to be harder for her to control her troops after Mueller testifies.”

For Pelosi, the best thing would be Mueller just disappearing for good. But his decision to testify before the House changed all that.

Nothing new will come from testimony

Mueller will answer all questions with the same information he wrote in the report. This could just damage the Democrat cause because it shows how that this entire fiasco is merely a witch hunt.

IJR reports:

“He [Lindsay Graham] claimed that the upcoming testimony is pointless due to the likelihood that Mueller’s answers to questions will remain unchanged.”

The likelihood that the language that Mueller uses creates a stir is very likely. The original report was littered with phrases intended to create disagreement. Mueller had nothing on Trump and he knew it, but instead of being clear he chose to create further controversy.

Time reports:

“Millions of Americans, beginning with Washington Democrats, are eager for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify about his final report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

This is because Mueller’s words are the last hope Democrats have.

Pelosi is stuck in a difficult position. She knows impeachment has no future and would be a waste of time considering the election next year. However, her unwillingness to pursue impeachment is making her enemies in the new radical democrat party.

It may be high time she retires. She has been in Washington far too long with far too little accomplishment to show for it.

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