Pelosi calls Barr’s conduct at House Judiciary hearing ‘despicable’

The openly hostility and disrespect shown by House Democrats to Attorney General Bill Barr during a Judiciary Committee hearing this week appear to come directly from the example set at the top of the party by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

In an interview after the conclusion of the contentious hearing on Tuesday, Pelosi repeatedly insulted Barr and referred to him as a “blob,” “despicable,” and undignified, and she she said he was nothing more than a “henchman” for President Donald Trump, The Daily Caller reported.

Pelosi rips Barr

Speaker Pelosi, in a conversation with MSNBC host Ari Melber, initially asserted that Barr held nothing but “contempt for our democracy,” as evidenced by his responses — or lack thereof — to the questions put forward by Democratic committee members.

She went on to say of Barr’s performance at the hearing, “I just thought he was despicable and so beneath the dignity of an attorney general,” and suggested that Barr was serving as the president’s personal lawyer instead of the top attorney for the entire United States.

It was when Melber actually confronted Pelosi over her description of federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon as Nazi-esque “stormtroopers” — a description Barr decried as dangerous and irresponsible — that Pelosi totally lost it, though, and became even more of a stuttering mess than usual.

Speaker: Barr a “blob”

Pelosi doubled down on her use of the denigrating phrase and pointed to examples of others on the right using the same or similar terms in reference to federal law enforcement — even as she simultaneously attempted to wriggle out of accountability for it by falsely suggesting she merely said the federal agents had “acted like” Nazi-era jack-booted thuggish enforcers — which is not what she actually said.

“He should be answering for what he did at Lafayette Square, a disgrace,” Pelosi said of Barr, in reference to federal actions in early June to clear out angry protesters and violent rioters from the park across the street from the White House.

“So this — it’s really — he was like a blob. He was like, just a, uh, henchman for the president of the United States instead of the attorney general of the United States of America,” Pelosi added.

Democrats’ disgrace

As for the Barr hearing itself, Andrew McCarthy of National Review excoriated Democrats over their behavior toward the attorney general, most notably their refusal to allow him an opportunity to answer questions or rebut accusations.

Those questions, when any were actually posed, were most often confusing and based on false premises that were virtually impossible to answer in the first place, much less in a simple “yes or no” as the Democrat members incessantly demanded.

The accusations leveled against Barr included claims that he is corrupt, has lied under oath, has violated the Constitution, and is somehow complicit in the “murder” of thousands of people due to the coronavirus, among other ludicrous allegations.

What is even worse is the fact that all of those unhinged attacks apparently enjoy the full endorsement of Speaker Pelosi.

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