Pelosi babbles about Ben Franklin’s ‘presidency’ during Taiwan visit

Those 80-year-olds, or near 80-year-olds, in Washington seem to have trouble with their thought processes.

Although Joe Biden is only approaching his 80th, he’s been found multiple times since he took office making statements that defy understanding.

Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, already in her 80s, has joined the club.

During her visit to Taiwan, she started talking about the “presidency” of Benjamin Franklin.

He, of course, was a prominent statesman and inventor. But he wasn’t president. At least not of the United States.

It is the Gateway Pundit that highlighted her mistake, explaining that “Pelosi short-circuits” on her trip.

The report explained, “Pelosi was the first US House Speaker to visit Taiwan since Newt Gingrich in 1997. Much has changed since then including America’s embarrassing loss and surrender to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan last year under Joe Biden.

“Pelosi’s visit took her crime family and insider trading out of the headlines for a few days.”

But, the report said, that’s when she started “babbling in confusion. Pelosi went off script and started talking about President “Benjamin Franklin” who was an inventor and statesman but never a president.”

She said, “I said at a meeting earlier with the parliamentarian in our earliest days of our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin [garbled] presidency said, freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy are one thing. Security here. If we don’t have. We can’t have either if we don’t have both. So security, economics, a secured economy, and again they’re all related, and we want Taiwan to always have freedom with security and we’re not backing down.”