Pelosi attacks Bill Barr, accuses him of covering up whistleblower complaint

Democrats have made it clear they don’t like Attorney General Bill Barr and have looked for every avenue to attack him. Democrats have become complete obstructionists and just simply refuse to work with or be civil with the Trump administration.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also has chosen to pile on and attacked Barr while speaking to reporters on Friday.  

Beating a Dead Horse

The whistleblower case is dead. The whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge to back up the complaint and therefore has no rights to whistleblower protection.

It should be that way, as the whistleblower created a huge controversy from nothing. If anything, the whistleblower needs to be reprimanded for the damage he has wrought.

Pelosi and the Democrats seem to think otherwise. Pelosi has said that AG Barr “has gone rogue” while accusing him of covering up the whistleblower complaint.

She went on to say “To have a Justice Department go so rogue, they have been for a while, and now it just makes matters worse.”

Of course, that is an ironic statement. The whistleblower was the one who went rogue. In case it slipped out of the news cycle, the whistleblower has been found to be a CIA operative posted to the White House.

Greater Implications

It is, of course, possible that the CIA agent didn’t just go rogue. It is distinctly possible that there may be other forces at work.

The situation is that a CIA operative detailed to the White House breaks a story about the president coercing another country to feed him information to help his reelection. The president can then be impeached for abusing his power. There is every political motive to do something like that.

The idea may seem far fetched, but it is the CIA after all. Who could better orchestrate and coverup a scheme to remove a sitting president?

There isn’t any credible evidence to confirm either theory. However, what we do know is that the whistleblower was a liar, and Democrats are complicit in that lie.

The impeachment investigation should be seen as an insult to every tenet of our system of government. Impeachment is a measure of last resort and should never be used in such a blatantly partisan fashion.

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