Pelosi humiliated as Americans reject Democrats’ socialist agenda, setting up disaster in 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) toleration of socialism in the Democrat Party has led to the party being rejected by American voters, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said during an appearance Sunday on Fox News.

Despite the presumptive win of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Democrats lost big time in the House and the Senate in this year’s elections. Thanks to the socialist ideas that its leaders have allowed to grow, the party lost a big chunk of their majority in the House and failed to take the Senate from Republicans.

In fact, according to McCarthy, Pelosi’s failings have set the groundwork for the GOP to take the House back in 2022, something that would be a disaster for a Biden administration.

“The American people have now rejected Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat socialist policy. The next two years are going to be about the Republican commitment versus the Democrats’ agenda,” McCarthy said, as Newsmax reported.

Americans rejecting socialism

The most glaring example of this rejection that McCarthy highlighted was in Florida, where Democrats were so badly defeated that it’s looking less like a swing state and more like a reliably red state.

Democrats were roundly defeated in the Sunshine State, both in the presidential election and in the House races, in large part because of the support of socialism within the Democratic Party.

Indeed, Trump won Florida, Democrats were routed, and House seats were flipped by a Hispanic voting block that had enough of the socialist ideas of Democrats even in the traditionally blue Miami-Dade county.

“We have turnout problems, messaging problems, coalitions problems, it’s up and down the board. It’s not one thing that went wrong. Everything went wrong,” Democratic attorney and former Florida state representative Sean Shaw conceded after the election, as Politico reported.

Implications for the future

The apparent victory of Biden has mostly covered this disaster up and Pelosi, for her part, has dismissed this set back as not being her fault.

But there has been growing strife in the Democratic Party for years that has been forced on the back burner because of Trump and the united front that Democrats put up in order to beat him.

With Trump seemingly deposed, the chasm between the far left and more moderate Democrats is reemerging. Moderate Democrats are blaming the far left for the devastating losses that they have taken, and the far left views the moderates as too weak in taking on Republicans.

The future of the party and some of its most recognizable figures is very much in question right now. Pelosi failed to minimize the far left and that cost her party in this election and it may cost Democrats the House in 2022. Even as she has been picked to lead Democrats once again, more than ever there must be strong reservations about her job performance.

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