Pelosi admits it’s been a full year since she last spoke face-to-face with Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confessed Friday that it’s been an entire year since she and President Donald Trump last communicated face-to-face, Fox News reported.

The two leaders have not been in direct contact since a contentious meeting at the White House on Oct. 16, 2019, according to The Hill, and are instead using intermediaries to communicate.

The silence is deafening

Speaking with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Friday, Pelosi said that “person-to-person” communication between her and the president isn’t necessary to get things done, Fox News reported. But given the current state of coronavirus relief legislation on the Hill, it’s hard to characterize their year-without-speaking as one of bipartisan progress.

Still, that’s exactly what Pelosi did Friday.

“Let me say, without the two of us speaking person-to-person, but, either through the airwaves or through the president’s intermediaries, we were able, in that period of time, to pass a huge omnibus bill to keep government open, working with [Treasury] Secretary [Steve] Mnuchin then,” the House speaker said, according to Fox.

Pressed by Wallace on how’d she react if President Trump reached out, Pelosi said “it would depend on what the purpose is.”

“It isn’t as if it has to be person-to-person between the speaker and the president,” she added, as Fox reported. “It has to be knowledge for knowledge in terms of what we — what our purpose is, what we know about the challenge we face and what the possible solutions are.”

Pelosi’s stonewalling

But when it comes to solutions, it seems Pelosi and Trump are far from on the same page. Indeed, the House speaker has shown she is determined to undermine the Trump administration through any means necessary, and should Trump win the election next month, that likely won’t change.

Pelosi also claims that Congress is working well without working with President Trump, but the reality is the opposite.

The House speaker has stonewalled recent efforts by President Trump to get more relief to Americans amid COVID-19, and many have cited what appears to be a political vendetta from Pelosi against Trump.

She doesn’t want to give him a big win before Election Day, of course — and the American people are paying for her stubbornness.

Only time will tell if Democrats will be forced to reckon with Pelosi’s repeated inaction when voters finally hit the polls come Nov. 3.

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