Nancy Pelosi admits court defeat on Obamacare, but she won’t be giving up

Republicans have seen legislation crushed by liberal judges over the last few years, and they’ve taken it with grace. But the same can’t be said about the likely soon-to-be speaker of the House.

When a Texas judge ruled that Obamacare was unconstitutional last week, Nancy Pelosi went on the attack, going after both Republicans and the presiding judge.

Missing the Point

As usual, Pelosi just doesn’t get it.

She accused the Republicans of manipulating the system by using the courts to defeat legislation.

Mind you, what she is accusing Republicans of doing is exactly what Democrats have done for the last two years.

How many times has our country’s immigration laws taken a back seat to a liberal judge?

We won’t even get into the challenges faced by Trump’s executive orders on travel bans.

While Pelosi ignored the fact that the Obamacare legislation was unconstitutional, the president did not.

Trump was quick to both tout the victory as well as encourage our elected representatives to get to work to create bipartisan legislation everyone can live with.

The Good and the Bad

One of the few bright spots in Obamacare was coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Few people would argue against this.

However, there was far more wrong with the legislation than good.

For Americans actually paying for their health care, it resulted in higher premiums, higher deductibles, and less coverage.

We don’t need free health care for half the country if our government gets the industry under control.

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Democrats touted the fact that more Americans were able to get coverage under Obamacare, but they neglected to cover the fact much of middle-class America paid the price for that — something they could ill afford to do.

The job now falls to our representatives to actually do their jobs and create legislation that will benefit all Americans, not penalize the group that works the hardest and yet paid the bulk of the costs for Obamacare.

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