Trump admin helps broker historic peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates

One of President Donald Trump’s loftier goals has been to improve conditions across the Middle East — and he just revealed a major push toward restoring peace in the troubled region.

As Reuters reports, the nations of Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — along with assistance from the Trump administration in the secret negotiations — have reached a historic peace agreement that could change the geopolitical landscape. 

Nations reach agreement on multiple fronts

The deal reportedly includes a formal recognition of the Jewish state by the UAE and sets the path for normalizing diplomatic ties. The agreement resulted in the exchange of ambassadors and embassies.

Known as the Abraham Accord, the deal also requires Israel to suspend its planned annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank, according to Reuters.

Both nations involved in the accord further entered into separate agreements regarding direct flights, exchanges in technology, trade, and a mutual security pact against Iran, among other issues.

In a tweet on Thursday, Trump touted the deal and shared a joint statement on behalf of U.S., UAE, and Israeli leaders.

“HUGE breakthrough today!” Trump tweeted a short time later. “Historic Peace Agreement between our two GREAT friends, Israel and the United Arab Emirates!”

U.S. officials herald historic peace deal

With the completion of this agreement, the UAE became only the third Arab nation to establish formal ties with Israel — following Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 — and is the first within the Gulf region to do so.

Though no formal plans have been announced, there is some speculation that other Gulf nations could follow suit and work toward similar deals with Israel in the near future.

Trump administration National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien celebrated the president’s role in the agreement as worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, as the New York Post reported.

While the president’s critics might try to paint his first term as a failure, this development is one of many that prove his commitment to follow through on important campaign promises.

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