PC repair shop owner who obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop talks about ‘disgusting’ contents

Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained troves of damning information and revelations about the president’s son that, if he were a Republican, would have sparked countless investigations by the media and Congress, was essentially swept under the rug with the hopes that it would eventually blow over.

Unfortunately for Hunter Biden, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro’s new special, titled Who is Hunter Biden, is uncovering just how much of a shady sleazebag he is. In the special’s latest installment, the computer repair shop owner who obtained Hunter’s laptop revealed a number of “disgusting” finds he made.

John Paul Mac Isaac, owner of “The Mac Shop” in Delaware where Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop, told Fox Nation that the circumstances of Hunter dropping off the laptop, and what he found afterward, were bizarre and disturbing.

Mac Isaac revealed that what he found on the computer was so bad that it led to him making a call to the FBI, and the rest is history.

FBI’s lack of interest

Mac Issac made that call after finding mountains of homemade pornography, calling the sheer volume of such material “astounding,” and “disturbing.” The call also came after the shop owner discovered Hunter Biden’s business deal with Ukraine-based Burisma, an energy company.

Interestingly, the FBI seemed to not be keen on digging into the material, as Mac Isaac claimed, saying he felt the federal agency was more interested in protecting the Biden family, given the damning contents of the laptop.

“I think that was my first indication that maybe the FBI was more interested in returning the laptop to the former owner and protecting the Bidens than they were protecting me or getting this to the proper channel,” Mac Isaac told Fox Nation.

That feeling is what shifted his strategy on getting the laptop into the proper hands for a deeper look, so the shop owner contacted  Bob Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, and eventually it would send shockwaves through the media — at least the media outlets not aligned with the Biden regime.

NYT files suit

While the mere existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop was even hidden by major media outlets, which was conveniently right before the 2020 election, the president and his son have enjoyed shelter from the fallout, but that could soon change.

According to the New York Post, and shocking to many, The New York Times recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department over claims that the agency has withheld critical correspondence “mentioning Hunter Biden and his former business associates that was sent or received by officials at the US Embassy in Romania.”

The litigation came after the State Department allegedly withheld the information after the Times filed several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for it last year, only to be told that such correspondence couldn’t be released until April 2023.

Only time will tell how deep the Times plans to go, but it could certainly give other liberal outlets that tend to follow the Times’ lead, so to speak, a free pass to begin digging in. If that happens, the “laptop from hell,” as Donald Trump calls it, could once again be center stage, but this time, with President Joe Biden at risk of yet another major scandal.

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