Rand Paul calls out Lindsey Graham for failure to investigate origins of Russia probe

For the better part of the year, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has vowed repeatedly to issue subpoenas and hold hearings to get to the bottom of what increasingly appears to be multiple “deep state” bureaucracy and Democrat plots to undermine President Donald Trump in a myriad of ways.

Yet, despite all of his talk, Graham reportedly has yet to issue a single subpoena or hold a single hearing. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called the chairman out over his continued inaction during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Paul grows impatient

Sen. Paul was a guest on Carlson’s program Monday night when the host, echoing complaints from his viewers, asked bluntly why nothing had been done yet by Graham to uncover the truth behind the subversive efforts to “get” Trump.

Paul had no real response other than to note that Graham, as chairman, held the sole power to issue subpoenas and call hearings, though he did proceed to name some of the individuals he would call if he had the power, with former CIA Director John Brennan chief among them, as he is widely suspected of having been a mastermind behind the anti-Trump “deep state” activities.

The senator also suggested that he would call for testimony from former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, the purported author of the infamous anti-Trump Steele dossier, and he noted the rumors that Steele had obtained his information from Russian agents and sources — which would seemingly constitute the sort of foreign election meddling of which Democrats have been endlessly accusing Trump.

“So everything that Democrats have accused President Trump of doing, you know, investigating a political rival with a foreign country, all of those same questions should be asked of the Democrats, did they do that to Trump,” Paul said.

Graham’s “benefit of the doubt” is running out

Carlson noted that he wanted to give Graham the “benefit of the doubt,” but reiterated his question as to why nothing had yet been done.

“I think we have to wait and see,” Paul replied. “I think he does want to get to the bottom of this, but you’re right, he needs to go on and exercise his power. We’ve been waiting a long time on this.”

“Some people — and I’m not gonna say Sen. Graham, but there are other Republican senators up here whose allegiance is more to the deep state than it is to the president — I think that Sen. Graham does like the president and wants to get to the bottom of this,” he said. “But a lot of us want to see it get started, we want to see subpoenas, and we don’t want to see everything done in secret on the House side, and then they parse out what they want to parse out.”

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Are policy differences to blame?

Carlson stressed once more that he wasn’t trying to pick on Graham, someone he’s known a long time and views as “smart and capable” — which makes it all the more frustrating for him — but pointed out that he talks incessantly about what he’s going to do and then never does it.

Paul agreed and suggested Graham needed to use his “clout” to just go ahead and start figuring out what happened, whether Democrats were on board with the effort or not.

In closing out the segment, Carlson speculated that perhaps the stark differences on foreign policy between Graham — an “aggressive neocon” — and President Trump — who is looking to end American entanglements in foreign wars — played a role in Graham’s apparent “slow-walking” of his oft-promised investigations. Sen. Paul didn’t directly agree with that assertion but pointed out that Graham was more inclined to be favorable to the deep state bureaucracy than either himself or the president.

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