Patti LaBelle concert evacuated after bomb threat

USA Today reports that a Patti LaBelle concert was forced to evacuate over the weekend as the result of a bomb threat. 

This took place at a Christmas concert that LaBelle held at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Saturday night.

The incident was caught on camera. It can be seen here:

What happened?

The above 20-second clip begins with LaBelle on stage celebrating the 70th birthday of a fan. Then, security personnel interrupts the concert.

Two security officers quickly come up to LaBelle, say something to her, and begin to physically remove her from the stage. Once LaBelle was informed of what was going on, she can be heard screaming, “Wait?” After that, two security officers rush LaBelle off the stage.

As this is taking place, it is clear that those fans in the crowd – initially – don’t know what to make of it. Some could be heard laughing, while others appear confused, and still others begin to sense that something is not right.

Not captured in the clip is what happened next, which is that someone got on the microphone and told the crowd that they had to evacuate due to a bomb threat.

It is estimated that the theater, which holds 2,500, was near capacity. Everyone, though, was safely evacuated.

The aftermath

The Milwaukee Police Department, throughout the evening, provided updates on the situation.

In one update, they said, “regarding the bomb threat in the 100 block of W. Wisconsin, all patrons have been safely evacuated. Police are clearing the facility at this time. The investigation is fluid and ongoing.”

In a subsequent update, the department reported, “The building was searched by K9 units. No explosive devices were discovered. There is no threat to the public at this time.”

Further information about the bomb threat, such as who was behind it, has yet to be reported. It appears that the Milwaukee Police department is still investigating the matter.

In the meantime, LaBelle, herself, has not released a statement on the matter since it happened. The theater, though, did make a statement:

We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit. We are working with the artist to reschedule the show.

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