Sarah Sanders ridicules ‘pathetic’ attempt by Democrats to stop Trump’s court pick

After Michael Cohen’s guilty plea was announced on Tuesday, Democrats immediately began using it as a speaking point to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointment.

But after hearing several Dems use this as the basis for preventing Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called them “desperate and pathetic.”

Bogus Basis

Dems acted like sharks in bloody waters the moment the Cohen plea was announced.

As far as they are concerned, this is proof positive Trump should be impeached.

That being the case, they think it imprudent to confirm a justice that could end up being a juror in Trump’s impeachment.

You can bet your last dollar every Democrat will now ask Kavanaugh: “Will you recuse yourself from Trump impeachment proceedings?”

Flawed Thinking

The are several flaws in Democrats thinking this way.

The witness, Cohen, has already told about six different versions of what happened.

Now that he has incriminated Trump, though, Democrats want to take his word as Gospel.

For anyone sensible, though, Cohen has lost all credibility.

Kavanaugh has stated he does not think a sitting president can be indicted.

His decision is based on precedent, not his personal feelings.

Keep in mind, this is something Democrats are demanding of him in regard to Roe v. Wade.

Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton could have faced indictments, but the Justice Department set the precedent that a sitting president should finish out his term or be impeached before any indictment would be handed down.

Now, Democrats are demanding a potential justice throw precedent aside for a case that suits them, but follow it for a decision they don’t want touched.

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To quote Sanders, Kavanaugh is a “very highly qualified nominee.”

Trump’s situation has nothing at all to do with Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and the attempt by Democrats to block it for that reason is, as Sanders put it, both “desperate and pathetic.”

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