‘Can’t let this pass!’: Trump calls for accountability amid reports Robert Mueller committed perjury

When Robert Mueller testified before Congress in July, he maintained that he hadn’t been vying for the open role of FBI director when he first met with President Donald Trump in May 2017. But a recent report from Fox News shows that Mueller had indeed been hoping for the position — and now, it looks like criminal charges could be on the way for the former special counsel.

Now that it’s come to light that Mueller may have committed perjury while testifying under oath, President Donald Trump wants accountability. He tweeted Wednesday: “Can’t let this pass!”

Did Mueller commit perjury?

In an exclusive report, Fox cited “multiple administration officials” who confirmed that Mueller had indeed been gunning to be the next FBI director when he met with President Trump on May 16, 2017.

That is notable in light of the fact that, after being turned down for the FBI director role, Mueller was named the next day by then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the special counsel in charge of the investigation into alleged Trump–Russia collusion.

But during Mueller’s sworn testimony before Congress at the conclusion of the special counsel investigation, the prosecutor explicitly testified that he had not sought out the FBI directorship during his meeting with Trump, but had merely been providing the president advice on what qualities to look for in a potential candidate for the position.

Perhaps even more interesting in all of this is the fact that emails recently uncovered by government watchdog group Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request show that Mueller and Rosenstein had been in contact discussing the special counsel appointment prior to Mueller’s interview with Trump for the FBI job — a pretty significant conflict of interest.

“Can’t let this pass!”

Learning this, the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., couldn’t help but chime in.

President Trump’s remarks came in response to Don Jr.’s post. “So true Don,” the president wrote, “and this was a big lie. Look what happened to Friends of Trump, for less. Can’t let this pass!”

The president’s point is incredibly valid, as numerous individuals who were friends of Trump and the campaign were put through the legal wringer over accusations of perjury and other so-called “process” crimes that are nevertheless still crimes, even if selectively enforced.

Yet, for all of the uproar from Democrats and the establishment media about Trump Jr.’s supposed lies under oath to Congress — as well as others in Trump’s orbit — there has been absolute silence from those same people with regard to this rather obvious case of perjury involving Mueller, who was once viewed as the left’s savior who would bring down the Bad Orange Man.

It will be interesting to see if Trump is correct that America “can’t let this pass,” or if the Democrats, media, and bureaucratic “Deep State” will work to ensure that Mueller is never held accountable. Only time will tell.

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