Graduation party turns deadly in Philadelphia

Yet another Democrat-run city is struggling to control gun violence on its streets.

Over Father’s Day weekend, a graduation party turned into a bloodbath when a shooter opened fire at a Philadelphia playground, killing one man and injuring several teenagers.

Deadly Party

According to local reports, the graduation party was being held at the Paschall Playground.

Prior to the shooting, there had been no reported violence. This led local police to believe the shooter knew his or her intended victim would be at the party.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ross stated: “That is deeply disturbing to us that someone would resort to that, irrespective of what it was about.”

There was one fatality in the shooting, Isiaka Meite, 25, of Doral Street. He had initially been struck in the back and died later that night at the Penn Presbyterian Hospital. In addition to Meite, five other victims were hit, including four teenagers.

Police mistakenly reported there were eight injuries at this shooting, but two of the other victims were involved in a different incident.

Dems Losing Control

Throughout this country, we have seen Democrat mayors lose control of their cities.

When you look up and down the crime reports, the cities with the most violence, specifically gun violence, are all being run by Democrat mayors.

These are also all cities that have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

It just proves the only thing they are really doing by attacking the Second Amendment is leaving law-abiding citizens unable to protect themselves against his type of violence.

This shooting capped off what was one of the most violent weekends in the city in recent history. In all, there were 19 reported shootings.

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